Together, we can help the African-American community make informed healthcare ACP decisions

Let's Talk About ACP™ empowers African Americans
to document their healthcare wishes for end-of-life and emergency care.

"Our family was at odds because there was no plan in place. That caused dissension among us when we were so grieved."

Many African Americans don’t like to talk about their healthcare wishes as they age. As a result, families aren’t aware of their loved ones’ desires for end-of-life care. And unfortunately, when a healthcare emergency occurs, they don’t have a plan in place for how to care for their family members.

Too many times, families are torn apart when these untimely circumstances occur, and experience all types of guilt, anger, and even shame. No family should have doubts about the care their loved ones desire.

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Let's Talk About ACP™ encourages and empowers African Americans to talk about their healthcare wishes with loved ones

The Let’s Talk About ACP™ (Advance Care Planning) program helps local leaders and organizations educate their communities about issues of end-of-life-care and advance care planning. It is the most comprehensive resource for starting these important conversations and putting plans in place.

Let’s Talk About ACP™ provides everything needed to facilitate an ACP workshop at your church, community group, or organization. As a certified facilitator, you’ll have access to a facilitator guide, PowerPoint presentation, video library, and worksheet library… all designed to help people of color make more informed healthcare decisions.

Prejudiced treatment nearly cost me my life

From both education and experience, I know the devastating effects of inequitable care and service. I understand how medical professionals speaking “med language” rather than “community language” can lead to misunderstandings and mistrust. After dealing with these issues with family members’ care and facing my own near-death experience, I realized something needed to change.

Most healthcare education programs come from the dominant culture and do not necessarily address the needs of communities of color in culturally relevant ways. As a Black woman with both a Master’s degree in Social Work and an Interdisciplinary Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction and Educational Leadership Policy and Foundations, I am uniquely positioned to speak to both client areas—the healthcare professional and the individual and community level client.

I developed the Let’s Talk About ACP™ program to help local leaders educate and empower their communities on issues of end-of-life care and advance care planning. My prayer is that the families and caregivers you serve will be equipped to prepare for life after now (P.L.A.N.).

Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson, creator of Let's Talk About ACP

Gloria Thomas Anderson, Ph.D., LMSW
Advance Care Planning Expert and Author

Who is it for?

Let’s Talk About ACP™ is great for any community group or organization that wants to help people of color achieve certainty in their healthcare planning and access to more equitable healthcare treatment.

For pastors and ministry leaders, Let’s Talk About ACP™ is a great way to address end-of-life care in a faith-based manner.

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Let's Talk About ACP - community groups and nonprofits, hands in

Let’s Talk About ACP™ is a valuable resource to groups and organizations that serve African Americans.

Let’s Talk About ACP™ provides much-needed education and empowerment to those who are underserved in the community.

By sponsoring Let’s Talk About ACP™ workshops in their communities, organizations such as hospitals, hospices, insurance providers, and funeral homes can help close healthcare disparity gaps for Black people and establish trust and goodwill in the areas they serve.

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How can I get involved?

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As a church, ministry, or nonprofit, you can become a licensed facilitator of the program. Host as many workshops as you'd like for your members or community.

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If you'd like to host a one-off Let's Talk About ACP™ workshop, we can facilitate a virtual session for your group.

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Your business or organization can sponsor another organization as a program facilitator. This is a great way to bridge the healthcare disparity gap and build trust in the community.

What's included in Let's Talk About ACP™?

Certification Training

Let's Talk About ACP™ provides the training for up to two (2) people in your organization to become certified program facilitators.

Workshop Flow Sheet

This facilitator document will guide you through the process of hosting a Let's Talk About ACP™ workshop.

Facilitator Guide

This step-by-step facilitator-only guide will lead you through the presentation, including everything to say and do for each section.

Workshop Presentation

You will have the complete presentation for the workshop, no preparation or editing required.

Participant Workbooks

Your organization will receive copies of Dr. Anderson's CDC-recommended ACP resource book, The African American Spiritual and Ethical Guide to End-of-Life Care: What Y'all Gon' Do With Me? You'll also get exclusive discounts on bulk book orders.

Customizable Event Flyer

Promote your Let's Talk About ACP™ event with a pre-designed flyer. Just input your event information and share with your community.

Workshop Survey Forms

At the start and end of each workshop, you can use these surveys to gauge your participants' knowledge and preparedness.

Certificates of Completion

At the end of a workshop, you can give each participant a certificate showing they completed the program. You can type into, write on, print, or email certificates as needed.

State ACP Forms

We provide an up-to-date resource of different states' advance care planning forms, so you can provide copies to your participants.

Unlimited Program Usage

Hold as many Let's Talk About ACP™ events as you'd like for the duration of your certification.

Event Planning Calendar

Use our event calendar to help plan each of your Let's Talk About ACP™ events.

Early Access, Support, and More

You'll get access to all new products rolled out for Let's Talk About ACP,™ as well as unlimited access to our support team for planning and facilitating your events.

How It Works

1. Schedule an intro call

We'll talk about your organization and explain what it looks like to become a program facilitator or sponsor.

2. Become a facilitator or sponsor

If there's a good fit, and you'd like to move forward, we'll welcome you onboard as a facilitator or as a sponsor for a Let's Talk About ACP™ workshop in your community.

3. Change lives and improve quality of life

By hosting Let's Talk About ACP™ workshops, you'll make a difference by addressing healthcare mistrust, meeting the needs of communities of color, and helping families achieve certainty in their healthcare preferences.

In many health-related situations, African Americans do not receive the care they desire or deserve

Many African Americans hesitate to talk about advance care planning, or ACP, with their families. Sadly, when they have a health emergency and can’t communicate their wishes, their family members aren’t aware of the kind of care they want. Would their loved one want to be resuscitated? Intubated? This uncertainty just adds to the stress and anxiety of a healthcare emergency. No family should have to wonder what their loved ones’ would want for their care.

Following her own medical emergency, Dr. Gloria Thomas Anderson experienced this first-hand when she suffered inequitable treatment and a near-death experience. She created the Let’s Talk About ACP™ program to help prevent the same thing from happening to other African Americans. Let’s Talk About ACP™ addresses African American concerns about healthcare and end-of-life planning in a culturally-relevant way, equipping participants to feel confident and at peace about their healthcare decisions.

The Let’s Talk About ACP™ program is designed for organizations such as churches and community groups to educate their communities about the importance of advance care planning. The process to become a facilitator is simple:

  1. Schedule an intro call with Dr. Gloria and her team
  2. If it’s a good fit, get certified to conduct Let’s Talk About ACP™ workshops (or have us host one for you)
  3. Change lives and improve quality of life through culturally-relevant healthcare education

If you’re a healthcare organization, such as a hospital or hospice, you can sponsor Let’s Talk About ACP™ workshops in your area. This is a great way for your organization to build trust and bridge the healthcare gap in the African-American community.

We invite you to schedule a call with us today to learn more about hosting or sponsoring Let’s Talk About ACP™. Take an active step to address healthcare mistrust and help families achieve greater peace and certainty in their healthcare preferences.

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